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CHERRY HILL, N.J. (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

In Theodor Richardson’s debut science fiction novel “Chronos Unbound” (published by AuthorHouse), one man must race to find the one chance of stopping a devastating war.

A world war looms upon civilization. This was spans 20 years to the time of an unjust dictator who controls most of the world. His son uses an unreliable technology of his own design to come back 20 years to our time and weave the tale of what is to come as a warning to the one person who can stop the coming crisis and the resulting war. The story spans both present time and theirs, as the conflict escalates in both timelines.

An excerpt from 
Chronos Unbound
My father is a very important man in the future history and I seek to change that. He controls over half of the world in my time. At first, I was pleased with the prospect of inheriting such a powerful position. Then, I suppose in a manner of speaking it can be said that my father's spirit possessed me. I suddenly sought to conquer the conqueror. I have my own reasons for that, as you will know in time. I was not in the position, being his son, to lead a revolution as you may imagine, so instead I appealed to both his vanity and his loathing of me. I chose to battle him in something much more personal but no less decisive.

Richardson is careful to point out that, despite the presence within 
Chronos Unbound
of traditional science fiction elements, it offers something different. 
The setting is just a facilitator for the character story which requires extreme circumstances to see what people would do with the choices they are given.

About the Author
Theodor Richardson is an author and professor of computer science and information technology. He has written several textbooks on computing and security and writes regular reviews of scientific texts in Choice magazine. A lifelong student of literary works and theater, this is his first full-length novel, integrating science and the spectacular. When he is not adventuring around the world with his fiancée, Katherine, he resides in New Jersey, with his canine companions, Chewbacca and Monkey.

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