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February sees the United States and Canada celebrate Black History Month. AuthorHouse author James H. Warden Jr. has created this quiz, based on his book Blacks in the Bible, as we prepare to remember the great contribution and achievements of African Americans.
As President Gerald Ford once said, it is an opportunity “to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.”
Now, take on the challenge for yourself. You can add your answers to the comments section below.

Blacks in the Bible IQ quiz for Black History MonthBy James H. Warden Jr.
Test yourself using your own King James Bible in the comfort of your own home.
  1. Who was the first non-Jewish person to convert to Christianity who happened to be black?   Hint Acts 8:27
  2. Which book of the bible is entirely dedicated to a black woman who says she is black but comely (beautiful)?  Hint: King Solomon’s name is in its title.
  3. On what continent were the Jews held in race based slavery in a nation that Moses called “the land of Ham” aka Ancient Egypt? Hint: See world map.
  4. What river was Moses found floating down when a bathing African princess rescued him? She knew that she could pass him off as black, if she could keep his pants up. Her father, Africa’s greatest king, decreed death to all Jewish male infants?  Hint: This river flows from South to North.
  5. What was the name of the only black Apostle of Christ?  Hint:  S____ the Canaanite.
  6. What was the African Woman’s name who at Abraham’s wife’s request  served as a  sex slave for her husband to be a surrogate mother for their marriage?  Hint: She was from “the land of Ham”, father of the black race.  Gen. 16:1-4
  7. Each time that God cursed skin in the Bible what color did He turn it? Hint: it was not turned black, dark, or brown.   Exodus 4:5-6, II King 5:27
  8. What color was Moses wife?  Hint: Numbers 12:1, Jer. 13:23
  9. In what continent did Joseph and Mary hide the Christ child from King Herod?  Hint: It was southwest of Israel.
  10. What is the color of sin in the Bible?  Hint the color is not black.  The Bible assigns a color to sin in  Isaiah 1:18
  11.  What color is sin after they are washed?  Hint Isaiah1:18
  12.  What country was the African from that was force to carry Jesus’ cross for him?  Hint:  Its capital is Tripoli
  13.  The first King in the Bible was Ham’s, the father of the Black race, grandson, what was his name?  N______.   Hint:  He was a mighty hunter.  Gen. 10:6,8
  14. Before DNA testing, a Jewish king named David impregnated a black man’s wife.  The man was a Hittite-Canaanite, a cursed descendant of Ham.   David thought that if he could get the couple to sleep together when the child was born the man would think it was his. What was this black warrior’s name?   Hint: II Sam. 11:3
  15.   Jews and Arabs fight over Israel, land that once belonged to a black man that was cursed by his grandfather Noah for molesting him while he was drunk.  What was his name for the land was called by his name? Ex. 6:4, Gen. 9:27, Prov. 26:2
  16.  What were the names of the two half-African boys to whom their grandfather Jacob passed the blessing of Abraham?  Hint: Gen. 48:13,41:45

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