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Valentine’s Day is approaching and AuthorHouse Author Patricia A. Saunders of Through the Fire covers Love in various stages in her return to theAuthorHouse Author’s Digest.
You can also watch her featured on In the Company of Poets TV this February.

Nobody’s Valentine
By Patricia A. Saunders
What were the inspirations of touching on Love for Through the Fire?
I wrote the book Through the Fire while going through the grieving process of losing my Mother, but what I came away with was more than I expected.
I looked at relationships I had in the past and realized that I needed to make some changes in the future to be happy. I went through my journal and saw there were poems that I had written over the process of when meeting someone, falling in love with them and then experiencing the pain of breaking up.
I gathered those and, reading them, the feelings were like it was yesterday.

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