AuthorHouse Author : Paranormal photographer shares photos

Photographer AuthorHouse Julie Griffin holding her new book.

In a timely pre-Halloween program, freelance paranormal photographer Julie Griffin brought some thought-provoking photographs to the Cragin Memorial Library on Oct. 17 as she entertained about 80 visitors with stories and photos from her book, "Ghostly Photographs: Ghost stories you can see with your own eyes," recently published by AuthorHouse.

At the end of 2008, Griffin decided she wanted to learn about paranormal investigations, so she joined a group and started working with them. It wasn’t long after that she began capturing “anomalies” with her camera that she couldn’t explain, Griffin said.

She uses a regular camera, a Nikon T80, which she considers a better point-and-shoot camera. “I’m not great with technology, so this worked well for me,” Griffin said about the camera.

In the three and a half years since she became a paranormal photographer, she has taken almost 50,000 pictures. She considers the volume of photos she has taken to be part of her success. “I always take three photos of the exact same spot because energy can move and change as it manifests,” Griffin said. “It can be in one photo, but not in another. Sometimes you are lucky enough to catch it in multiple positions as it changes.” Read more.

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