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Reading has always been one of AuthorHouse author Connie’s favorite past times. During her early years in school her favorite reading material was about animals, especially horses. While in high school she began reading historical fictions and claims to have learned more history from fiction than from text books. Knowing she is not the only one who has had that experience she has tried to make the historical facts in her book as accurate as possible.

She says writing the book was a fun and loving experience but it was also challenging and educational. In her spare time she does volunteer work at the local animal shelter. Colonial Romance is Connie’s first published book but she has plans to write sequels to the book.  Watch for The Bugle's Call, the second book of the sequel to come out in December 2009.

Colonial Romance - Connie Carson
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They were about to go into the parlor when she heard a door open. Turning to see who had entered, her heart skipped a beat. For some unknown reason she was spellbound by the unshaven man in the rumpled shirt who had just come into the house. He was not as good looking as Charles but was very handsome, in a rugged sort of way and he had the bluest eyes she had ever seen. He looked like what she imagined Wiffiam Black had looked like thirty years earlier with his sparkling blue eyes and sun steaked hair. His skin was tanned a deep bronze. As their eyes met his mouth curved into a smile so brilliant it took her breath away. His very presence exuded self-confidence. Here was obviously a man who had no doubts about himself.

She heard Mrs. Black’s voice somewhere in the distance saying, “This tardy and un-kept person is our eldest son Nicholas. After you get cleaned up you may come back and I’ll introduce you to our guest.” At that he looked at his mother and without saying anything turned toward the stairs.

As her eyes followed him up the stairs she couldn’t help noticing how neatly the tight fitting trousers tapered into the high riding boots. As he topped the stairs he turned suddenly and their eyes met once again. He smiled at her and from the heat she felt in her cheeks she knew she must have blushed. She hoped no one had noticed. Now there is a man I’d like to get to know she thought.

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