AuthorHouse | New Book Brings Light to Darkness

AuthorHouse | New Book Brings Light to Darkness

Nigerian author Goke Coker releases collection of unique daily devotions.

Lagos, Nigeria (PRWEB) February 14, 2013

In “God’fessions: Daily Confessions of God’s Words and Promises over You” Biblical scholar Adegoke Coker provides a first person guide of daily affirmations with scriptural support for earthly struggles.
God’fessions is a term coined by Coker to explain the departure in the daily affirmations and prayers he suggests. A God’fession is a devotional confession to God written in first person and is supported with passages from scripture to serve as proof of God’s blessings in one’s life.

Coker wrote the book “out of personal experience and as a result of the need to get people to see the importance of speaking what God sees over what circumstances may be prevalent over their lives,” he says.
Coker’s “God’fessions” started when he would send out daily messages to all his Blackberry Messenger contacts, which inspired him to author this book. His daily “faith boosters” helped his followers and friends speak positivity and spirituality into their lives.

In the introduction of the book, Coker writes, “Words have a presence, power, and prophetic implication. Words have life.” This book seeks to help all individuals remain faithful in the present and in the future and will help them continue to be grateful for God’s ongoing blessings.

According to Coker, “This book will help you cultivate an awareness of your spiritual blessings and the limitless power of God as well as enable you to grow stronger in your faith.” Click here.

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