AuthorHouse Book Title | Forbidden Romance

About the Author:

AuthorHouse author M Kadri says, "I have been writing stories  from the age of 13 but followed other paths for many years. I have recently returned to my first love of writing and Forbidden Romance is the result, I am sure you will love it. "

Free Preview:
As Pete lay inert, his skull slowly healed, though of course, he was not aware of this, or of events going on around him.
A nurse was allocated to him and was to spend her shifts attending to him. She gave him bed baths and physiotherapy to exercise his idle limbs and when she was not there, other nurses would attentively fulfill the duties. One early evening Pete’s eyes fluttered and slowly opened. He squinted hard at first, as his eyes adjusted to the light. He could make out a white ceiling, white walls and a sharp clean almost disinfectant type smell. Pete knew it was a hospital. Th is was confirmed when glancing to his right, he saw a woman dressed in
a white uniform and a long flowing head dress. At first, he was not sure if she was a nun, but seeing the watch pinned to her chest, recognised her for what she was, a nurse. Her olive skin contrasted sharply with the whiteness of her uniform and though he could
only see the side of her face, thought, she was pretty.

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