Published by AuthorHouse -"Who Cares Who's 3rd?"

"Who Cares Who's 3rd?: (or 2nd for that matter)" (published by AuthorHouse) looks back at the adventures, experiences and life of John Philips - an entertaining, respected sports broadcaster.

Written in a scattered, play-by-play format - an effect the author hoped for - "Who Cares Who's 3rd?" takes readers on a sports journey that spans over 50 years. Readers will gain new insights into World Cup extravaganzas, Formula One races, the Olympics and everything in between - if it is a sport or sporting event, the author has covered it. Philips leaves nothing out as he takes readers behind the scenes and shows them how athletic spectacles happen and then expresses his views on the sports themselves. Philip also notes historical events that occurred at the same time he was broadcasting and what those historical events meant for him and the world.

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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