Published by AuthorHouse - FACE OFF

Author A.K pays a loving tribute to the sacrifices of his hard-working father in his new novel, "Face Off: July 13" (published by AuthorHouse).

Based on real events from the author's own life, "Face Off" tells the story of Ahmed, a mathematics and Arabic teacher from Somalia, and how he struggled to make a better life for himself and his family. After marrying Sara, he left his new wife and young family to find work in Saudi Arabia, where job prospects were much better.

Four years later, Ahmed returned home to meet the AK, the son he'd never met - Sara had been pregnant with AK, the couple's third child, when Ahmed left for Saudi Arabia. Unable to get a visa to return back to work in Saudi Arabia, "Face Off" goes on to recount how Ahmed devoted himself to supporting Sara and his children, first in war-torn Somalia, all the way to the United States.
Author A.K took inspiration from his relationship with his own father while writing "Face Off," describing his dad as someone "who taught me to be an upright human being with the greatest moral values as diamonds never lose their brightness." He goes on to say:


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