published by AuthorHouse - Offers Recipes from Russia

Famed chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain, along with his friend Zamir Gotta, traveled to Russia in an episode of the Emmy Award-winning television show, "No Reservations," encapsulating his experience with the following words: "We've seen something of the Russian soul, and the Russian soul food. And I think we've learned that the two always go hand-in-hand." To share the beauty and tradition of Russian cooking comes the new cookbook by Ekaterina and Liudmila Bylinka, Home Cooking from Russia: a collection of traditional, yet contemporary recipes(published by AuthorHouse).

Home Cooking from Russia is a collection of traditional, yet contemporary recipes that have been loved in Russia for many years. It includes over 50 descriptions of culinary creations, along with historic notes on each, paired with beautiful full-color photographs of some of the most popular meals among Russian families.

The Bylinkas are not professionals. They are enthusiastic home cooks who are more than happy to share with readers their most cherished family recipes composed in a rustic and simple way.
"Today the market offers numerous wonderful English-written books about European, Asian and Western cooking styles, but there aren't too many cookbooks written in English which would share at least some of that traditional hearty home cooking in Russia," Ekaterina says.

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