AuthorHouse Introduces the Bram Stoker Awards

The first thing AuthorHouse recommends you do when planning your book marketing strategy is to think as you do yourself as a reader. When you visit your local bookstore or browse online for a new book to buy, what are you looking for? Of course you search out your favorite authors, but let’s say you want something new. You want to read a story told in voice you’ve never heard before.

How to Write a Book that’s an Attention-Grabber

“Award-winning author.” Seeing those words on the cover of someone’s book automatically grabs your attention, right? You think, 
“Well, somebody who knows something about writing must have read it and liked it enough to give it an award. Why not give it a chance?”

So why not get those words emblazoned across your book’s cover and give it an advantage ahead of the others? Winning a writing award will also provide you with a sense of satisfaction and validation that no one can take away from you.

The Transition: AuthorHouse Published Author to Bestselling AuthorHouse Author

Once you make the jump from “published author” to “award-winning author,” you are on your way to stepping up to the next rung on the ladder, “bestselling author.”

Bide Your Time or Gamble Big?
Today we are talking specifically to horror writers. Makes sense during Sowain, Samhain, All-hallows Eve or Halloween month, even. The principles apply to book marketing for any genre, however. So the first question we all need to ask ourselves is:

“Which competition should I enter?”

Well, you could start small and enter local competitions, work your way up to regional contests and then try for national and even international awards. At AuthorHouse, we say “Go for it!” Go straight to the top of tree and take on the challenge of the most prestigious, well recognized title in your genre. Read more.

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