Young Spring-Ford area author to publish collection of poems

Ashraya Ananthanarayanan, a seventh-grade student in the Spring-Ford Area School District, is about to publish her second book, later this month. The 11-year-old’s latest book, titled “ARIA,” which means a melody of poems, is a collection of poems that all have a special meaning.

“There are 51 varieties of poems included in this book right from the simple haiku, elegy, free verse, limerick, ABC, acrostic, bio, burlesque to more complex types like the sonnet, Horatian ode, classicism, canzone, villanelle, carpe diem and several others,” Ashraya said. “Apart from the poems the book also has illustrations to go with the poems done by my classmate Tyler Edwards.”

In addition, Ashraya has included fun facts about each type of poem along with details of its origin in the book.

Ashraya said she felt the need to write the book after searching through the library and realizing that something was missing. Read more

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