Santa Claus Explained: Sandra and Darrell Troupe Add Twist to Classic Tale

Santa Claus Explained:

 Sandra and Darrell Troupe Add Twist to Classic Tale

New fiction book explores the origin of the symbol of the holiday season
CHICAGO (PRWEB) December 05, 2012

For some, the story of Santa Claus is more than just a holiday fairytale, it’s an inspiration for how to live.
Sandra Jo Troupe, C.M.A.(AAMA), and Darrell R. Troupe, M.D., lost their first daughter when she was just four months old. To cope with the unimaginable tragedy, Sandra began writing down stories from her childhood about St. Nicholas and the sainted Bishop Nicholas of Myrna, which she recited to her daughter on nights she had trouble sleeping. The end result was the mythological fiction, “How Nicholas Became Santa Claus,” a story that outlines the life of Nicholas and his magical origins.

“Everything has a beginning and an end,” Sandra, a retired certified medical assistant says. “With a positive outlook and the willingness to ask for and accept help, anything can be accomplished.”
Writing for 30 years while raising five children, all of whom had inspired character mannerisms, was no easy feat. But with the support of her husband Darrell, who reviewed and expanded upon her manuscript, the Troupes’ inspirational tale can now be shared in the homes of others.

With an exciting cast of magical creatures and powerful Kings, “How Nicholas Became Santa Claus” tells the backstory of how this symbol of the happiest season in the world came to be. A gripping, dark, magical tale, the Troupes’ new fiction promotes maintaining a positive, optimistic attitude and respect for all amidst the dark adversities in life. Read more

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