AuthorHouse Publishing | New Words in English – 4

AuthorHouse Publishing presents 

New Words in English –Part 4

In part two of AuthorHouse Publishing presents New Words in English, AuthorHouse continued to present newly coined terms in English. In this article, we will continue discussing new English terms and their definitions.

Spinnish – the language used by spin doctors, spokes-persons and campaign managers when they are trying to present information in a positive light

Staycation – a vacation where you stay at home or visit places close to home

Textonym  - a word produced by predictive text software when you press a combination a numbers on the keypad of a mobile phone

Textual harassment – sending people text messages which insult or abuse them

Tombstoning – jumping or diving into water from a dangerously high place

Tweetheart – a Twitter user who is very popular and others communicate with a lot

Upskill – to teach an employee new or additional skills

Videophile – someone who is interested in watching videos and making recordings

Viral marketing – a marketing strategy that encourages people to pass on information to friends, family, and colleagues trough email, blogs, social media and videos so the message spreads like virus

Vook – a combination of video, text, images and social media in an e-book

Web rage – anger and frustration as a result of problems when using the internet

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