AuthorHouse : Heart at Work: Stories about Speaking from the Heart at Work

New book teaches and inspires readers to make authentic behavior 
at work, the norm, not the exception

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St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

“When people feel free to speak with authenticity – from their heart – without fear, their workplace becomes a place inspired by shared purpose,” says Cynthia Mary Heelan, author of the new book, “Heart at Work: Stories about Speaking from the Heart at Work” (published by AuthorHouse).

The result of speaking with authenticity, explains Heelan, is greater productivity and a higher quality of performance. “During my years as a college president and since, facilitating dialogue on college campuses, I have observed people who are allowed to speak plainly and who participate in decision-making. I have seen the energy in a room of 500 people soar from low morale to high expectations as employees focus on some story of a peak success in their organization and then work together with a shared sense of purpose to expand that success and co-create an even more successful future. I wrote this book, because I’d like every organization to have the opportunity to experience this high.”

Increasing numbers of today’s workers hunger for a sense of deeper purpose in their work lives, yet not many organizations engage in the kind of dialogue described in this book. Too often when people leave for work in the morning; they leave their personal truth lying at the bottom of their hearts, or at their kitchen table, and they close the door on them. At the same time, every organization, experiences the pressure to be creative, productive and effective. Leaders do not understand the most important thing they can do to be more creative, productive and effective as an organization, is to unleash the truth hidden at the bottom of the hearts of their employees.

“‘Heart at Work’ illustrates that when individuals, including leaders, bring their hearts to work, they create a space for others to do the same,” says Heelan. “Then, they can reinvent their organizations and co-create their future by engaging the hearts and voices of some of the most creative and innovative minds available: their own workforce.” A few strategies are actually proposed in “Heart at Work,” as processes for engaging heart and voice, including Appreciative Inquiry and Retreats for Renewal and Wholeness or for Courage and Renewal®, in addition to other activities Read more

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