Local AuthorHouse authors: Mary Ann Froede shares travel tales

Mary Ann Froede shares a snippet of her life in "Where the Hell is Tucumcari" (AuthorHouse, $14). Froede, her minister husband Jim Froede and their family left Beverly Hills to serve a small church in New Mexico. Read about their adventures on the road and adjustment to a very different lifestyle, from climate to food.

Where the Hell is Tucumcari
Travel with Mary, her minister husband and her family as they leave the posh community of Beverly Hills to serve a small church in New Mexico, a world away from the atmosphere they had known in California. The way of life, the climate, the scenery, the food...all so different. Interesting and unusual characters filled their lives every day as they lived and worked among a wonderful panoply of people. Enjoying historical Route 66 as their main thoroughfare created many delightful stories told in a relaxed, humorous way. To make the reading easier, the style of writing is in the fashion of “stream of consciousness” of an earlier literary period, so you may occasionally find duplication of incidents due to “rambling” All names have been changed to protect the real characters written about. Apologies to anyone who willingly claims the identity. 

Froede was a vocalist with the Stan Kenton Revival Band and served in the Presbyterian ministry with her husband for 42 years. Now widowed, she owns a uniform manufacturing company and lives in Pasadena. Read more

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