AuthorHouse Author Analyzes Fatal Flaw in Debut Novel

Jacqueline Bell explores moral fiber of human behavior through novel
Victoria, Gozo (PRWEB) November 28, 2012

Avatar, Titanic and Star Wars are three of the five top-grossing films of all time, and they all share two things in common: a dominant theme of good vs. evil and a lasting impact on audiences.

Heroes and heroines in our most beloved stories almost always suffer a tragic flaw that they are constantly battling with to make the right decisions.

What impact do these character flaws have on us, the readers or viewers, as we relate to the protagonist and become attached to the story? Author Jacqueline Bell answers this question in her new fiction adventure, Thy Will Be Done.

In the book, Bell stresses the importance of having faith and courage when overcoming obstacles and challenges.

“We are all taught from a young age about doing the right thing. Like Snow White eating the bad apple, so many distractions and influences seduce us away from doing the right thing,” says Bell. “I think that creating a character, relatable to the average reader, who overcomes these influences might be able to help others do the same in their own daily life,” Bell adds. Read more 

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