Authorhouse: The Love That Healed Them Both

Authorhouse: The Love That Healed Them Both

Heather’s wild racing stallion Excalibur has been contracted for studding. When she meets the man who has purchased the rights, how will Heather take to already knowing him, not just professionally but intimately? When she later learns just how well she really knows Mr. Ghallanger, will Heather still love him as the man who saved her not once but twice, or will she still despise him as the man she never met, but managed to blindly argue with repeatedly to the point of loathing?

Andreas has complete control over his life, yet with a fierce temper and notorious for his philandering ways, has finally found the woman who has gotten under his skin and spends an unforgettable scorching night with, leaving him wanting more. As the puzzle pieces start to fall into place for Andreas, will he take Heather into his life as his mistress, or as his wife, when he learns of her blood binding secret? Read more

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