AuthorHouse Announces September Author Challenge Winner & Honorable Mentions

We had over 120 participants join our AuthorHouse September Author Challenge. There were so many great entries, it was extremely difficult to decide who had the best answer (in 50 words or less) to our question:

“What is the best thing about being a self-published author?”

The judges noticed some common themes running through the answers and so they divided them into categories. Many congratulations to our honourable mentions from each category. And here they are:

September’s Honorable Mentions, by theme:

Self-Publishing Made My Dreams Come True: Bernice Cooper
“The greatest thing to me is becoming a published author at age 80. My previous years have been consumed by being a caregiver to members of my family. Now, as a widow, living alone, I finally have the opportunity to write children’s stories, fulfilling a lifelong ambition.”

Self-Publishing Allows Me to Share My Story with the World: Jeffrey DeLaRosa
“Your thoughts transcribed for the world to see, expressing yourself in a manner that allows freedom, novelty, vulnerability, strength, engraving it in history until endless time is a uniquely and irrevocably unmatched feeling and sensation. Sharing my thoughts with the world is the greatest thing about being a self-published author.”

Self-Publishing Allows Me to Leave a Legacy: Suzzee Meusel
“The best thing about becoming a self-published author, by sharing the struggles of life, abuse, suicide, a fatal condition, happiness, and triumphs, is the ability to help others escape their black mazes; if only one person in the world is saved from themselves, it will all have been worth it.”

Self Publishing Provides Author Support: Kenbra S. Berni
“I loved the fact that I had full control of publishing my first book with the full support and guidance of AuthorHouse employees and I get to keep all rights to my published book. My very first publishing experience at becoming a first-time author was an exciting experience.”  Read more

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