The Lonely but Rewarding Life of a Sacred Prostitute

Author Gary offers insightful outlook on love in new book, ‘Love Letters to a Sacred Prostitute

LOS ANGELES, CA (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

Oscar Wilde once said “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” For the author known only as Gary, the meaning behind this infamous quote was hard-learned. Throughout an extraordinary life, Gary has shared his love, and his garden is plentiful. Wanting to share the immense number of expressions of love he’s received throughout his life, he pens his new book “Love Letters to a Sacred Prostitute” (published by AuthorHouse).
“Love Letters to a Sacred Prostitute” is a fascinating collection of handwritten letters from 89 of the many adoring women Gary’s had the fortunate experience to share his heart with over the course of 44 years. He tells readers that, “Each of their stories is important. Each was a chance that two people would find love together and hold on. Each woman’s story is unique and special.” Gary's letters are from women of all races, religions, nationalities and ages.
“A spiritual and knowledgeable woman once told me that I was a Sacred Prostitute,” Gary explains. She explained to him that a Sacred Prostitute is someone who soothes, nurtures and heals others, sending them on their way to find their true destiny – a better, more emotionally complete person for the experience. “I was initially confused, but eventually relieved and elated by this possibility,” Gary adds.
As a Sacred Prostitute, it would seem that Gary was not meant to find his one true love, but to help others in their own search of lifelong happiness – many woman he dated and fell in love with would leave him, finding their own forever after with the next man. “I am the Sacred Prostitute, that while loving and being loved…helped others find love,” he explains.
An excerpt from a tender letter in Gary’s collection:

I have always loved you for recognizing in me that which I denied life...a butterfly...a witch...a singer of songs and writer of dreams. No matter how I bitched and typed and frowned, OLD PEARL would not accept that bitter facade. I envied you so much your freedom and ability to flow and love and enjoy life. When I met you I was just beginning to realize that I no longer wanted to just accept my feelings of emptyness. When we first knew each other I felt you were just sort of into "older women" or maybe a "mother" (I get a lot of those!) But you really do care about me. I can allow myself to accept that now, but even then it gave me confidence - that you - an open, loving, and sensitive person, could care beyond my anger and fear and frequently dreadful behavior.
“The life of a Sacred Prostitute is not for everyone. It can be very lonely. My advice…find someone you love, make sure they love you by waiting for marriage, waiting for babies, and then hold on for dear life. Make love the only necessity for two people to be together.”
About the Author 
Gary was born in Brooklyn and grew up on Long Island, N.Y. Although never married, Gary finally found the woman meant for him, predicted by a wise woman. They share a home in Los Angeles. Gary had a 40 year career as the "Carpenter to the Stars," is a talented blues musician/singer/songwriter, former sideman to R&B legends, and an ex-professional, world class Frisbee champion. He's also a photographer, poet and collector extraordinaire.
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