AuthorHouse Author offers new conclusions on age of universe

AuthorHouse Author offers new conclusions on age of universe

‘99 New Discoveries in Astronomy’ 
challenges conventional view of the Hubble constant

DOWNTON, England (PRWEB) November 06, 2012

Author P.J. Tomlin describes his new book “99 New Discoveries in Astronomy” (published by AuthorHouse) as featuring “…possibly the greatest advances in astronomy and physics for years.”

Tomlin was driven to pen his book after his solving of the enigmas surrounding the Hubble constant – the number that defines the rate of the universe’s expansion since the Big Bang – led to significant discoveries that applied to astronomy and physics. In particular, Tomlin discovered important new ideas about the role played by time in controlling the behavior of the universe.

In addition, Tomlin explores other popular scientific topics, such as dark matter and dark energy, solar energy and the energy behind gravity.

Tomlin believes his research, apart from its intrinsic value to basic scientific knowledge, can encourage an end to wasteful expenditures. The information in “99 New Discoveries in Astronomy,” he says, “… will stop the waste of money, many millions of dollars spent in research for surplus energy from hydrogen fusion – there isn’t any surplus energy.”

About the Author
P.J. Tomlin is a retired academic. Read more in AuthorHouse News here

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