AuthorHouse Author Advice on Social Media Marketing and Hiring a Publicist

AuthorHouse Author Advice 

on Social Media Marketing and Hiring a Publicist Author Bruce Kimmel says that "Marketing is everything." When he published his first book in 2001, a time when social media was unheard of, he went to his old high school and posted on discussion boards. This sort of amateur marketing sold him almost 700 books. The first social media ad he put up was on MySpace on the year 2002. But today, with Facebook and Twitter, he said, "It's a lot easier to get word out." He also recommends hiring a publicist, an AuthorHouse Marketing Service he took advantage of that landed him on the ABC News Show

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Marketing is everything. Classmates. You know they have discussion boards for your class, and because these books were about L.A., and this very specific neighborhood, and the schools I went to, I posted there: "Hi, I'm Bruce Kimmel, I don't know if anybody remembers me but I wrote this book and it's a love letter to us, and the neighborhood, and the schools, and the teachers. There were the places we used to go to." 

I must have sold 700 books that way and that's unheard of in the self-publishing in 2001, unheard of in 2002.   Read more

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