AuthorHouse Author Returns to a Time

Author Returns to a Time

 ‘When Kids Could Play Outside’

AuthorHouse Author Tom Evans’ new book hearkens back to a time before parents saw threats behind every tree

OXFORD, England (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Tom Evans’ new book “When Kids Could Play Outside” (published by AuthorHouse) is a true, controversial account of a young boy’s journey through his formative years, transporting readers back to the 1970s, when playing outside in the South Wales Valleys had very few rules or restrictions.

Evan Says:

 It was an era,full of fun, freedom, pranks, competitiveness, danger and discovery.
An excerpt from “When Kids Could Play Outside”:
Three old women have gone to the trouble of carrying their wooden dining chairs out into the street and are sitting in the sunshine supervising the activities like lifeguards on watch at the local swimming pool. The street seems to be a hive of activity, laughter, and fun. 
The energy, the sound, and the smell are exhilarating as I stand there silently savoring every minute, frightened that it may be taken away from me at any time. I am home, and this is the best time in my life. Maybe I am in heaven. 
You know, it’s strange, but I have no recollection or very little memory from before this moment in time. Somehow it feels like my young body was an empty shell, just waiting for this moment, my arrival, and my rebirth.
Evans hopes that readers will find that “When Kids Could Play Outside” 
…transports them back to a time full of fun, freedom and danger! It will make them laugh at the pranks and inspire them to encourage their own children to get off their PCs and get out in the sunshine.

AuthorHouse Authors Publisher can be read here.

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