John Anthony Simmonz is a sexy, smart, methodical genius who chose his career path since birth and that is the life of crime. He wreaks havoc in the small town of Pixton, Ga. where he was born and raised and will become known as the Country Criminal. By assuming different identities his biggest caper will be to rid the long time reigning Sheriff of the three things he loved the most; money, his precious brotherhood and his family. The Sheriff will become his biggest target and his greatest purs

About the author:
I have always had an over active imagination with a desire to share these imaginative notions with a large audience. Writing has allowed me to be creative and come up with characters that I think others will enjoy as well as admire. I truly believe the creation of this character will capture the attention of the reader with page turning entertainment. Remi Robinson was born and raised in a small town in Georgia under the guidance and loving support of a single mother. While never experiencing life outside the small farming town, Remi went on to join the ranks of the United States Army where he received an honorable discharge. After completiing his obligations to the Army, Remi attended Georgia Southern University and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Public Relations. Still searching for life’s rewards Remi graduated college and moved to Atlanta where he diligently served as a law enforcement officer in a county outside of Atlanta. He currently resides in McDonough, Georgia, a quaint town just outside of metropolitan Atlanta. Read more

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