Authorhouse Author, Professional Trainer Offers New Help for Caregivers

Front Royal, VA (PRWEB) October 05, 2012
Author Patti Putnam, who pioneered the use of dogs as caregiver wandering control assistants in Alzheimer’s cases, offers to readers her new book “Caregiver Follow Me: How You Can Train Your Own Alzheimer’s Assistance Dog In Your Own Home” (published by AuthorHouse).
“Caregivers are exhausted,” Putnam says. “They need help.” In her book she presents her humane training method that proves dogs can be specially trained to help them, as well as offer therapeutic benefits to the patient, the caregiver and the family. Why not give the caregivers the tools and knowledge they need to train their own dog?
An excerpt from “Caregiver Follow Me”:
“An Alzheimer’s dog lives at home with an Alzheimer’s patient, their caregiver(s) and other family members. This is an inside dog as opposed to those unfortunate canines that are regulated to spending their lives physically apart from their family units, residing outside of the home, receiving minimal human love and contact. The Alzheimer’s dog is trained to watch over the patient, especially at night, and alert the chief caregiver if the patient gets up. The dog is trained to identify an imminent ‘wandering’ situation, alert the caregiver by making physical contact with them, and lead the caregiver to the location of the patient and then go into a ‘sit-stay’ position in order to act as a distraction for the patient. The dog is a warm, fuzzy partner, helping the caregiver give the best possible care to the Alzheimer’s patient.” Read more

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