A Call to Order

Authorhouse Author  : Ifechi Jane Odoe
A message for change is embedded in Ifechi Jane Odoe’s published dramatic piece On the Brink, a virtuous push for indigenes, Adewole Ajao writes

With corruption remaining endemic to various parts of society, satirical pieces from notable writers have become a welcome development. It was in this light that budding writer and UNN graduate Ifechi Jane Odoe compiled her seven-part drama On the Brink which was published by US-based publishers Authorhouse.

With a title that does not sugar-coat the theme urging for change, the light-complexioned writer who has also written extensively for The Guardian Newspaper after she caught the writing bug in secondary school recalls that she was inspired to pen the 133-page drama due to her sentiments on corruption, and other perceived problems of the country. According to her, the feeling of forging her first book was similar to that of having a first child.

“The book is like a mirror of who we really are,” she explained. “It also calls for us to be a little bit more serious on things like corruption. The greatest problem is corruption. We need to examine our value systems because you have someone three years ago being nothing suddenly becoming something and people do not question the source of this person’s money. That is what we need to look at as a country and we have to go back to the family.”

Her sentiments towards the problem are portrayed via a handful of characters in her book. They join the bandwagon of selfish leaders after suddenly finding themselves in the corridors of power. Rather than using their positions to repair its ills, they conform to the enrichment craze. For her this was not peculiar to those topping the food chain. Even common men have been infected by the get-rich-quick syndrome.
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