Authorhouse Publisher | The Release of ‘Inmates' Survival Handbook’

An excerpt from “Inmates' Survival Handbook”: “I recommend every inmate study Islam. You have a right to learn this way of life and I encourage you to do so. When studying this ‘way’ it will provide you with a broader philosophical perspective. In addition, it will enable you to ‘think out side of the box’. Everyone has a right to know about this significant ‘way’. Rational human beings must be able to think for themselves and make decisions about what behavior is fundamentally best for themselves and others.” Although part of Sharif’s goal in writing “Inmates' Survival Handbook” is to expose readers to the shocking evidence and information he has gathered, he also hopes to call readers to action on the issues he discusses. “People can make a difference in how their religious, business and political leaders address criminal justice issues,” he says. “Most of our state political leaders are lobbied by private prison special interests groups. Knowledge, when applied, will pressure those in authority to change their way of doing business. A failed education system is feeding our failed correctional system.”
Published by: AuthorHouse Book Publishing Company
Date published: 10/09/2008
ISBN: 978-1-43890-245-6
Available in Hardcover

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